the Fall 2018 Literary Edition--and the story behind it...

We’re celebrating our second Literary Edition here at Vagabond English.

Here’s to many more chances to write, create and draw on each other for inspiration.

It’s not only fun for me to see what everyone writes, or that the challenges and courses I cook up inspire you to put out new and exciting creations into the world.

I simply enjoy creating alongside you. Every time I dream up a writing challenge or series, it seems I find inspiration to keep writing myself.

We have so many exciting moments here—so many personal images submitted, beautiful moments captured, writing that pulls you in and helps you travel the globe. You’ll find a few first poems—and a toddler photo of one of our community members if you look very closely.

So grab a cup of tea, and take a moment to explore the moments captured of some of the wonderful folks here in our community.

Copy of fall 2018.png

Wondering where all this came from?

All of these stories, poems, pieces of creative non-fiction were inspired by writing challenges at Vagabond English:

I hope you enjoy the literary edition and that you make a habit of picking up pen and notebook and writing something of your own—just for yourself. And I hope that this literary edition is first and foremost a reminder:

You’re not writing alone. We’re all in this together.

Thanks for celebrating with us today.