Ready to tell a story of your own?  

There are so many reasons to find your voice.  What are yours?

  • Do you need to reach out and talk to people through email, professional correspondence? 
  • Write a more compelling blog? 
  • Tell your story in writing?
  • Pass a written exam?
  • Be more creative?
  • Maybe you're a second language learner looking for a great way to improve your reading and writing skills. 

There are so many reasons to write. Especially if you are a book-lover!  The Vagabond English community is diverse in that respect...but we all seem to have one thing in common:

Want to get started?  Get a self-paced course directly to your inbox.  

Want to get started?  Get a self-paced course directly to your inbox.  

We recognize our time is precious. 

So if you're as busy as the rest of us...can I offer you a piece of advice?

If you want to improve your writing, do it in a way that you'll

  • enjoy,
  • that will bring  you inspiration,
  • that will help you connect you to your life.

Make your time count.  You owe it to yourself. 

And it's the most effective way to learn. 

About Vagabond English

I started this site because I want to help you use your passion for reading, writing and language.  

The Vagabond English Book Club is an opportunity to read and discuss with book lovers all over the world. I can't think of a better way to spend my time.  

The blog is here to inspire you.  To help you take that journey from book-lover to writer.  To help you find the shortest path to confidence in your voice, your story and your writing.

I can't tell you how to find more minutes in a day, but I'll remind you to think of what really matters.  

And I want to welcome you to a world of books and a community of readers and writers--like you.

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

Who am I?

A few things you should know... some of them a bit embarrassing...

My mother used to have summer reading competitions--one book, one dollar.  But I got kicked out--of the competition and the house.  "Enough reading, go outside!"  But Southern California in August simply can't compete with the land of Narnia...

My favorite high school hangout was the Bookworm Bookshop in my hometown of Upland, California.  It's closed now but  I used to go there to  meet with the other members of The Poetry Club--my other two nerdy friends.  I once met Ray Bradbury there.  He told me he had to send his children's' book to nearly 100 publishers before he succeeded.  And that a writer must never, never give up.  I still have a signed copy of Switch on the Night.

I read very, very slowly.  And I think this slow reading is what gave me the patience to love literature.  To read a story again and again. To tackle literature in French, in Spanish.  

I have kept a journal every morning for nearly 20 years now.  (And I have terrible handwriting.)

Before I became a teacher in (2002) I had another life.  I wrote:

  • Press-releases for a non-profit dance company...
  • Letters to constituents from a US Senator (signed with one of those funky mechanical pens).
  • Web copy, emails, and letters for a non-profit health association...

I live in France in a very small town...a village really.  In our neighborhood I think there may be more sheep than people.  Now that I've left Southern California, when I get stuck in traffic, it's usually because I'm stuck following a herd of sheep.

In my little family of four, we are all bilingual and dual citizens.