Are you on a writing adventure?

Make no mistake about it, writing is an adventure that will take you someplace new.  That will lead you on a trek, test you, ask you to find strengths you didn't know you had. Leave you wondering if you're going the right way.

Do any of these sound like part of your writing journey?

  • You've got new opportunities in your life, and you need your writing to rise to the occasion.
  • You're hoping to infuse your writing (and your life) with creativity.
  • You need to change your relationship with writing: stop being silenced by your past experiences (or your present errors...)
  • Maybe you'd like to use your writing to feel more at home in English, to find a way of writing (and speaking) that is more natural, more you. 
  • Or maybe you're dreaming up a writing project of your own?

When life asks more of you, and you ask more from your writing, it's exciting... and confusing. 

You may have so many ideas about where you need to go.

 And feel a bit uncertain about exactly how you'll get there.


Want to share the next part of your writing journey?

Need something new from your writing? I'd love to help.  I work with...

  • Native or near-native speakers of English who want to change their relationship with writing and use creative writing techniques to find a voice that's truly and uniquely theirs (and the confidence that goes with it).
  • Non-native speakers of English who want to use creative writing, journaling and reading to learn to feel more at home (more like themselves in the language.  
 Trisha Traughber: Writer, writing coach. Bilingual bookworm.

Trisha Traughber: Writer, writing coach. Bilingual bookworm.


Here's how we can work together

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Slice of Life Creative writing Program

This is a 4-week reading and writing program designed to help busy, innovative people infuse their writing with new creativity.  To find a voice that's uniquely yours.

You'll find writing inspiration in short, handpicked assignments from contemporary authors. And you'll use creative writing and journaling prompts to start to tell a story of your own...

The Next Program Runs April 23rd-May 21st

Registration is open until April 19th

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Individual Coaching

Do you have a specific writing goal? A writing project of your own?  

I offer individual coaching designed to meet your specific goals, whether you're interested in improving your writing, improving your English... or simply creating a finished writing product you can be proud of.  



Short Story Series

Want to get started with a fun, free and self-paced introduction to drawing inspiration from your reading and your life?

Want to try out some short and sweet journaling and creative writing techniques. Sign up for this short email course. (You'll also get an invitation to the Vagabond English Community on Facebook.)




Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash