Are you on a writing adventure?

Make no mistake about it, writing is an adventure that will take you someplace new.  It will lead you on a trek, test you, ask you to find strengths you didn't know you had. Leave you wondering if you're going the right way.

Writing is beautiful, messy. And sometimes frustrating.

On this page, you’ll find a few things to help you on your way that I’ve developed for you (and myself!) after more than 15 years of writing and teaching, from one writer to another.

Are these resources for you? Yes if…

  • You want to make writing a creative habit.

  • You’re a reader, you love a good book, story, poem.

  • You’re used to writing academically, or for business, but want to write for yourself, for more creative purposes, or more conversationally.

And if you’re a multilingual writer? A resounding “Yes!” You’ll need an advanced or near-natve level of English. If you’re at intermediate level, check with me first.

Trisha Traughber: Writer, writing coach. Bilingual bookworm.

Trisha Traughber: Writer, writing coach. Bilingual bookworm.


Here's how we can work together

Work with me capture, create.png

Capture, Create, Connect: a fun, free and self-paced creative journaling course.

  • Learn one simple and fun creative journaling technique that will help you capture your moments and get you writing!

  • Get extra inspiration from your life and your reading (in a short, juicy poem).

  • 4 emails over 7 days, with tips, and printables.

  • An invitation to a book club—a small, multilingual community of readers and writers.

This Story Starts Underground Web pic (2).png

This Story Starts Underground: an introduction to creative journaling.

  • Creative journaling workbook with printables, coloring, and writing prompts

  • Delivered one chapter per week for 4 weeks.

  • Short and sweet writing assignments.

  • A small private forum for sharing and questions…


Coaching and editing

What are you working on these days? What dreams do you have for your writing?

I can also work with you on a specific project of your own. I’ve helped happy clients with websites, email marketing, professional correspondence, creative nonfiction, memoir, books and creative writing for language learning and teaching…

Need help on a writing project of your own? Get in touch and tell me all about it.

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