Join us for our first steps on this writing adventure...

This (first!) literary edition is the start of so many things.

For a few of us, it's the first time writing a poem, playing with fiction, or capturing slices of our lives to share with others.  

It's new step for me too, taking this snapshot of what we've created together.   

Here's to beginnings: to first steps, to fleeting moments. 

Enjoy a tour of our world.  

PS: if you want the story behind these stories, you can find it here. 


Slices of life


Swimming Lessons

Emma Fang

Everday Magic

Elena Mutonono




Fade Away

Nouf Aljugeman 

Morning Ceremony

Jasmine Pen


Short Story Series


This Is How We Do Things in the Country

Mathieu Roy


The Meeting Place

Gayle Macdonald


Tiny Story Challenge



Karina Thorne

Love at First Sight

Daniela Sebova

A Wish Come True

Anastasiia Klimova