Ready to find your voice?  

There are so many reasons to reinvent your writing.  What are yours?

 Want to get started?  Get a self-paced course directly to your inbox.  

Want to get started?  Get a self-paced course directly to your inbox.  

  • Do you need to reach out and talk to people through email, professional correspondence? 
  • Write a more compelling blog? 
  • Tell your story in writing?
  • Pass a written exam?
  • Be more creative? 

Whatever your reason for wanting your writing to rise to the occasion, you'll feel at home here if you

  • love to read and know how to make time for your reading habit,
  • are looking to make your life more innovative and creative,
  • want to find your voice and your confidence,
  • know your time is precious.

About Vagabond English

I started this site, the book club, the teaching business because...

  • I love working with people who love to read (and who have learned to carve out time for what matters), who are passionate, busy, creative and innovative.  
  • I love working with people who have a unique message, a story to tell, a reason to write and helping them find their voices.  
  • I love working with people from around the world, who often live their lives in multiple languages, who are often multi-lingual, multi-cultural.  

The Vagabond English Book Club is an opportunity to read and discuss with book lovers all over the world. I can't think of a better way to spend my time.  


I write the blog to inspire you--(and myself.)  To help you take that journey from book-lover to writer.  To help you find the shortest path to confidence in your voice, your story and your writing.


I can't tell you how to find more minutes in a day, but I'll remind you to think of what really matters.  

And I want to welcome you to a world of books and a community of readers and writers--like you.

Who am I?

A few things you should know... some of them a bit embarrassing...

  California wildflowers in our garden in France.

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

I live in France in a very small town...a village really.  In our neighborhood I think there may be more sheep than people.  Now that I've left Southern California, when I get stuck in traffic, it's usually because I'm stuck following a herd of sheep.


In my little family of four, we are all bilingual, bi-cultural... I make up and tell two stories a day with my children--or my co-writers.  We read stacks of books and dinner is often in French and English--all at once.


I started my teaching career 15 years ago as an English and French teacher in San Jose, in California's Silicon Valley. At the time, I had no idea I'd move to France, start my own teaching business...


Before I became a teacher in (2002) I had another life.  I wrote:

  • Press-releases for a non-profit dance company...
  • Letters to constituents from a US Senator (signed with one of those funky mechanical pens).
  • Web copy, emails, and letters for a non-profit health association...


I have kept a journal every morning for nearly 20 years now.  (And I have terrible handwriting.) In fact, one of my college professors invented the "Black Ribbon Award for Worst Handwriting in US Politics Class" just for me. Thank you.


I read very, very slowly.  And I think this slow reading is what gave me the patience to love literature.  To read a story again and again. To tackle literature in French, in Spanish.  


My favorite high school hangout was the Bookworm Bookshop in my hometown of Upland, California.  It's closed now, but  I used to go there to  meet with the other members of The Poetry Club--AKA my other two nerdy friends.  I once met Ray Bradbury there.  He told me he had to send his children's book to nearly 100 publishers before he succeeded.  And that a writer must never, never give up.  I still have a signed copy of Switch on the Night.


My mother used to have summer reading competitions--one book, one dollar.  I hope she learned her lesson.  I often got kicked out--of the competition and the house.  "Enough reading, go outside!"  Southern California in August simply can't compete with the land of Narnia...


Still reading this? I think it's time for you to chime in.  Get in touch and tell me a little about yourself and your writing challenges.  Or join me at the Vagabond English Book Club.