About You, the Book Lover.

You love reading books.  You love everything about it--the feel of the paper, the way reading takes you somewhere new, the way it brings you back wiser, better, refreshed.  

You want to love reading in English.  And you want to transform your English with each book you read.

But. . .

Not sure how to start transforming your English book by book?

Not sure how to start transforming your English book by book?

You have questions:

  • Why does this book seem so difficult?
  • How can I find a way to read (and understand!) the kinds of books I really enjoy?
  • How do I remember and actually use new vocabulary?
  • How do I use my love of reading in English to express myself better?
  • Wait, did I read that correctly?
  • Do I really have to read this alone?

About Vagabond English

I started this site because I want to help you use your passion for reading to make English your own.  

And I want to welcome you to a world of books and a community of readers like you.

There’s so much to discuss.

  • Reading--online or on paper? 
  • Books to get you started
  • What kind of reader are you?
  • What to do when you get stuck
  • What to do if you’re bored
  • How to track your progress
  • Why talking about what you read helps. . .

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

Who am I?


A fellow reader  

Books have always been with me in a way that is quite simple and profound. Books have given me meaning during my struggles. They’ve made me forget everything and laugh out loud during hard times.  

Recently, I saw a blog post that made me smile: everything you need to read in the bath. . .

I'm not alone! 


A language learner and a transplant

I’m a Californian living in France.  I live my life in French, but I’m still constantly reminded that I didn’t grow up speaking--or reading it. It’s a humbling experience.  Always!  

And  I’m still trying to learn to speak Spanish and enjoy the kind of books I would read if I weren’t limited by language. . . I really enjoy magic realism, so I often find myself wondering, “Did I read that correctly?!?!”


A teacher 

I started out teaching English (and French!) in California in 2002.

It's been a long and exciting trip, but let me just say this: There is just something special about the way people learn from books.  

Since moving to France, I’ve taught English in a number of contexts to adults, to business students, to young children.  

Vagabond English is about me coming full circle and returning to the magic of teaching and learning through books.


A  mom

I’m humbled  to be able to reach out to people on the four corners of the earth who share my passion for books and a desire to learn English.  

And I’m grateful to be able to do it all from a small village in South East France. I spend quite a bit of time chasing my two French-American children through forests and pastures, kicking up dandelion fuzz.  Here a traffic jam is when you get stuck behind a herd of sheep on the way to school. . .