Your writing, your life.

Want to get started? Get a simple, fun and self-paced creative journaling course delivered to your inbox.

Want to get started? Get a simple, fun and self-paced creative journaling course delivered to your inbox.

Is it just me or is change the way we stand still these days?

One day you wake up to find your life making new demands--calling on you and your writing to rise to the occasion.

Maybe you've had a relationship with writing for a long time.  But suddenly, you realize you're ready to leave that old comfortable friendship behind.

Maybe you're ready to look at something you've just penned and think, 

I can't believe I wrote that.  

I think you’ll feel at home here if you've got a reason to write and you want to:

  • Find a voice that feels like you,

  • Create meaning from the lessons you've learned,

  • Tell your story in a way that matters to others,

  • Draw on your life and your reading,

  • Become more playful with your words,

  • Enjoy writing,

  • And start loving what you write...

Then I want to welcome you to a small community with a common goal.  

About Vagabond English

I started this site, the book club, the teaching business because, well, I love…

  • Getting to know other writers (especially the ones who haven’t figured out they are writers yet!)

  • I love hearing about your unique message, your story, your reason to write and helping you put it in words—in a way that connects, a way that feels right.

  • Working with people from around the world, who often live their lives in multiple languages, who are often multi-lingual, multi-cultural.

  • Being inspired by others who have learned to carve out time for what matters, who are passionate, busy, creative and innovative—who love a good book.

Inspiration you’ll find here…

The Vagabond English Book Club is an opportunity to read and discuss with book lovers all over the world. I can't think of a better way to spend my time.  

The Blog: I write to inspire you--(and myself.)  To help you take that journey from book-lover to writer.  To help you find the shortest path to confidence in your voice, your story and your writing.

The Literary Edition: We are a community who creates together. We come together to find and forge the meaning in books and stories. We engage in writing challenges and share our thoughts. The Literary Edition is a way show our steps on the creative journey we take together, to document our progress and to share our work.


I can't tell you how to find more minutes in a day, but I'll remind you to think of what really matters.  

And I want to welcome you to a world of books and a community of readers and writers--like you.

Who am I?

A few things you should know... some of them a bit embarrassing...

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

California wildflowers in our garden in France.

I live in France in a very small town...a village really.  In our neighborhood I think there may be more sheep than people.  Now that I've left Southern California, when I get stuck in traffic, it's usually because I'm stuck following a herd of sheep.


In my little family of four, we are all bilingual, bi-cultural... I make up and tell two stories a day with my children--or my co-writers.  We read stacks of books and dinner is often in French and English--all at once.


I started my teaching career 15 years ago as an English and French teacher in San Jose, in California's Silicon Valley. At the time, I had no idea I'd move to France, start my own business…


Before I became a teacher in (2002) I had another life.  I wrote:

  • Press-releases for a non-profit dance company...

  • Letters to constituents from a US Senator (signed with one of those funky mechanical pens).

  • Web copy, emails, and letters for a non-profit health association...


I have kept a journal every morning for nearly 20 years now.  (And I have terrible handwriting.) In fact, one of my college professors invented the "Black Ribbon Award for Worst Handwriting in US Politics Class" just for me. Thank you.


I read very, very slowly.  And I think this slow reading is what gave me the patience to love literature.  To read a story again and again. To tackle literature in French, in Spanish.  


My favorite high school hangout was the Bookworm Bookshop in my hometown of Upland, California.  It's closed now, but  I used to go there to  meet with the other members of The Poetry Club--AKA my other two nerdy friends.  I once met Ray Bradbury there.  He told me he had to send his children's book to nearly 100 publishers before he succeeded.  And that a writer must never, never give up.  I still have a signed copy of Switch on the Night.


I once got kicked out of a reading competition by my own mother. How does that happen? What is a reading competition anyway? In my family it was one book=one dollar.  My mother started the competition as a way to motivate us kids to read…I hope she learned her lesson. She often had to kick me out--of the competition and the house.  "Enough reading, go outside!"  What can I say? Southern California in August simply can't compete with the land of Narnia...


Still reading this? I think it's time for you to chime in.  Get in touch and tell me a little about yourself and your writing challenges.  Or join me at the Vagabond English Book Club.