Times change, and you need more from your writing.

Does it ever feel like change is the way we stand still in these fast times? 

You grow, adapt, adjust...

  • take on new professional challenges,
  • chart new academic goals,
  • dream up new writing projects, that you'd never considered before...


Your writing challenges won't wait.

You don't want to take 'time out' for a class.

You want to tackle that memoir you had in mind, write those stories, create the copy for your website, send off those important emails, create materials for your students...

It kind of makes you wonder:

How on earth will my writing catch up? 

 The solution might be to learn on your own terms and through your own writing project.


Why not learn as you go?

Here's the thing about writing: you learn by doing. 

What if you had the help you need to succeed with today's writing challenges? 

What if someone was there to help you with specific advice, feedback and revision help for that creative project that seems just out of reach?  Those blog posts that never turn out quite the way you want or those emails that leave you wondering if they really represent you?


What if reaching today's goals could also help you grow as a writer?

Working with someone on a project that matters to you--right now--can be a chance to change your writing forever so that you can face your future writing challenges with confidence?

Wondering if individual coaching could help you now and in the future?

 Fill in the form below and let's figure it out together.   The information you provide will help me suggest a personalized plan that fits your project and your writing goals.  

Individual coaching packages with personalized writing feedback and help with revisions start at 225 euros.  You should budget a minimum of 6-8 weeks to work on your writing project with me.  

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