Thank you…

For being here, for reading, for leaving your comments on the pages, for supporting these writers,

For being a writer.

For writing your first poem in a long time, your first poem ever, your first piece of creative non-fiction,

For taking the time to write something for yourself…and for sharing it with us.

PS: if you want the story behind these stories, you can find it here. 


The Hibiscus

Veronika Palovska

A Morning Like Her

Mongia El Abed


River Run

Karina Pearl Thorne


Rose Hips

One Day in Autumn

Mirka Smíšková


On Their Way to School

Isabella Moimaz


Ochil Hills

Cara Leopold


Swallowed and Gone

Simon Stafford


Capturing Moments

Anastasiia Klimova

Travel Is My Therapy

Ranjana Agrawal

These poems, captured moments, bits of creative non-fiction, stories are a testament one thing, the time, the energy, the creativity and the words are there. You just have to get started.

Maybe next time, your poem, your story will find its way here.

And if you need a little creative push? Here’s a short, sweet and free creative journaling challenge to get you started with one technique (my favorite) that can help you kick off your journal habit…and maybe write something unexpected.

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Banner image: Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash