Fade Away

Nouf Aljugeman

fade away.png

It’s cold.

I look out the window and everything is white.

White and bright everywhere.

Is that what people call snow?


I am amazed at what I see.

I’ve lived all my life in Riyadh

where there is sun all year round

except for a few and rare rainy days.


Oh my! It’s snowing!

I used to see the snow only in movies.

Now, I’m here inside that movie.

Snowflakes are falling from the sky

like shiny stars

fading away

in a big, white blanket that covers the whole ground.


Touching it

I can’t feel my hands.

Soft and wet, unlike what I imagined.

I grab a bunch of that glowing sand,

Keep it inside my bag.

I want to keep it as long as I can.


After I get home,

It is too late.

It has gone

without a trace.

That reminds me of our love once.

Just like the melted snow,

it faded away as if it never existed.




Photo by Olivia Basile on Unsplash