What do you need from your writing?

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Life is sneaky, it has a way of broadsiding you with opportunities.


You’ve got exams coming up, international travel, a move, jobs to apply for, a business to start, a blog to write...

Or an ambitious new writing project you've just dreamed up. 

And when your writing has to rise to the occasion, you can find yourself scrambling to catch up.


You already know what you want:

  • A writing voice that sounds natural, like you, that shows all your capable of.
  • Confidence in your writing--knowing you can count on your writing to deliver your best ideas to the world.
  • A creative, innovative, fresh way of telling your story.

You also know that once you find your voice and your confidence, there's no telling where your writing will take you. 

It's just a question of putting one foot in front of the other, right? 

You know you reinvent your writing through habit--showing up to write again and again.  And you're trying.  Trying to keep writing, to keep a journal...


But then those questions start piling up...


Am I doing this right?

Is this any good?

Am I just making the same mistakes again and again?

What's my writing missing?

Or even--What should I write about!?!?!



And before you know it, you decide not to take that first step.  Or you decide to put it off for another day...


What if we did this together? What if it was...fun?

  • What if you sidestepped all those questions?
  • What if you traded stress for inspiration?
  • What if you connected your writing to your life--what matters to you?
  • What if you went straight for the beauty, the fun and the pleasure of writing?
  • What if you had a traveling companion on this leg of your writing journey? Someone to keep you inspired with weekly reading, writing prompts and specific feedback on your writing.  

That’s the way to start a writing habit you can keep up day after day. 

If you're going somewhere new with your writing.  And if you want to make that journey meaningful, fun, inspiring and truly yours...

I've designed a creative writing program just for you.

Hi I'm Trisha.  I'm a writer, writing coach, book-lover and a Californian who lives in the South of France.  I've been writing...forever and teaching for 15 years.  I'd love to share your next writing adventure with you.

Hi I'm Trisha.

I'm a writer, writing coach, book-lover and a Californian who lives in the South of France.

I've been writing...forever and teaching for 15 years.  I'd love to share your next writing adventure with you.

Slice of Life Creative Writing Program


4 Weeks of Creative Writing Inspiration

This is a program designed to help you enjoy writing while you find your voice--in a way that fits your schedule.  Promise. It's fun and flexible and sure to get you writing.

And it's based on your life.  I want you to learn one of the most fundamental writer's tricks--capturing your own moments on the page.  Then I'll help you take those moments and weave them into longer pieces of writing...so you can start to tell your story.

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What's inside the Program?


Weekly Reading Inspiration

Short stories, poems, novel excerpts delivered to your inbox every Monday.  I'll also give you some questions to consider as you read so that you're already finding inspiration--before you even start to write.



Weekly writing prompts

Each week you'll get writing prompts to help you draw inspiration from your reading and you're life.  Brainstorming sessions to help you gather your ideas, and find your creativity. Flexible writing assignments so that you're inspired to write every time. 

Your writing projects that are short, sweet and flexible, so you can take the pressure off and focus on the fun of writing. Flexible length: 1000-2000 words a week--it's up to you. 

Detailed feedback--for Every Assignment you Turn in.


I'll send you detailed comments about each writing assignment you complete (through Google Docs) telling you exactly how you can improve your writing.  And you'll have the chance to turn in your revised work for my comments. Because revising your work is one of the keys to reinventing your writing.

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Complete Creative License:

I’ll give you reading inspiration and writing prompts, but you’re the writer.   You decide if you want to write a journal entry, character sketch, a poem, a personal essay or a piece of short fiction...  


Someone right there with you--the whole way.

Not sure what to write next? Want to try something new...want to discuss the short story you just read?  Shoot me an email.  I'm here for you.

What will you get out of this program? 


A writing collection of polished pieces inspired by your life.

At the end of the course, you'll come away with a collection of your writing--the result of brainstorming, revising, feedback.  Our focus is on enjoying yourself and not 'results.' But it's common for participants in the Slice of Life Program to surprise themselves with what they write.  You'll want to hang on to this.


A new writing habit.  A new way of seeing yourself--as a writer.

Once you develop a taste for using your reading and your life for inspiration and then seeing where your writing takes you, I think you’ll find you have a habit you can enjoy forever.

A habit that is fun and creative and that also helps you continue to reinvent yourself as a writer--since that’s what writers do.

Ready to take this journey together?


The next chance to join me for a Slice of Life is from March 5th-April 2nd.

Registration is open until Tuesday, February 27th--or until all 5 spots are filled.

Early birds who sign up by February 20th get a free 30-minute writing consultation on Zoom.

Want to reserve your spot now?  Just click the button below.  



Is this program for you?

This program is for you if...

  • You want to begin a new journaling or writing habit--or you want to spice up your existing writing habit.
  • You want specific feedback to help you improve some aspect of your writing.  (This can be anything from finding your ideas more easily, weeding out errors and weak words, or using creative writing techniques such as showing, not telling).
  • You want to gain inspiration from fiction, poetry and prose.
  • You want to explore writing and spark your creativity by using fun and sometimes unexpected techniques. 
  • You are a native speaker of English, a near-native speaker or an advanced speaker and writer of English. In some cases, upper-intermediate speakers of English can benefit from this program as well, but it's best to get in touch withe me before purchasing the course.  I can help you make sure if this class is suited for you. Get in touch using the form below.  

This program might not be for you if...

  • You're not willing to write and revise your work each week.
  • You don't enjoy fiction, poetry or creative writing. Or you're not open to trying these things out.  
  • You need help with writing for a specific purpose (emails, academic writing, your own writing project).  The Slice of Life Program is a great way to change your relationship with writing, to see yourself as a writer, to enjoy writing, or to become a better writer. But it won't tell you how to write an email...or if that memoir you're working on makes sense.

If you need help now with a writing project of your own, I also offer individual coaching for many kinds of writing. Get in touch with the form below.

Need to get in touch?

Still have questions about the program? 

Maybe you're still not sure if the Slice of Life program is the best place of you? Get in touch.  Tell me about your writing goals and ask me your questions about the program. 

I'm happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.