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Capture, Create, Connect

Ready to get started with your creative journaling and writing habit—or breathe new life into your regular writing habit?

Here’s a short, sweet, fun (and free) email course I designed for you. You’ll…

  • Learn one simple and meaningful creative journaling technique, (my favorite one)

  • Savor (and capture) your moments as you live them,

  • Slow down, enjoy life, and focus on the positive,

  • Take inspiration from a short poem,

  • Write a short creative piece of your own to share (if you choose).

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my years of teaching, writing and creative endeavors it’s this:

Sometimes a small creative first step leads to unexpected places.

Ready to get started? 

Course details…

When you sign up, you’ll get 4 emails over a one-week period with…

  • Creative journaling printouts,

  • A link to a short and inspiring poem,

  • Encouragement and tips from me,

  • A chance to share your writing (if you choose)

  • An invitation to a small writing community and book club,

Curious about the steps I take to protect your privacy? Feel free to check out the Vagabond English Privacy Policy here.

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