Why you should read (and write!) short fiction.

Why should you read (and write) short fiction?

We're a multilingual community here at Vagabond English.  This is a place where you can read and discuss books and stories with people all over the world.

It's also a place to find your voice with a little writing and reading of your own. (No matter what language(s) you grew up speaking!)

So why should you read and write short fiction? 


  • Your reading leaves its footprints all over your writing.  
  • Because you want to read high quality writing...but you're busy!
  • Because reading great writing immerses you in the experience, and you learn lessons about writing. (how to craft a great story, how to write more beautiful prose)
  • Because reading and writing in a language you're learning helps immerse you in that language and 'think on your feet' so you become more fluent and flexible.  

And since everyone in our community has a different relationship to English, let me give you two ways you can work on your reading and writing habit today:


#1 for the members of our community who want to feel more at home in English...

I've written a special guest post for you on ClarkandMiller.com--on reading and writing short fiction: Why you should try it and how to get started. 


#2 For those of you who want an extra writing challenge (Native, near-native speakers welcome!) 

Whether you've been speaking and writing in English all your life, or are still working to make the language your own...

I'll be hosting a fun and simple reading and writing challenge starting next week at the Vagabond English Book Club on Facebook. 

So be sure to meet us there.  We'll be reading some super short stories, discussing them a bit...and then working on writing our own.

It will be a fast and fun writing challenge (under 500 words!). And we'll take a look at what makes a short piece of writing...a story.

I've had a number of our community members--from all linguistic backgrounds ask me about that lately!

Not a member of the Vagabond English Book Club on Facebook?

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Where are your reading and writing adventures taking you?

Whether you decide to check out my guest post, join our writing challenge or try another kind of writing adventure on your own, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.