On Their Way to School

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Emma has lived her entire childhood and teen years in the same house. The old blue red house made out of woods and surrounded by a thin wire fence. The house was not big, but it was the perfect size to nestle her mom and her two younger brothers. Every morning, from Monday to Friday the three of them would walk for one hour on their way to school. It was a long walk and most of the time her brothers didn’t feel like going to school at all. She knew John and David loved to hear her stories, so on every walk of them to school she started telling them stories.

It could be about anything, an old tree spirit in the corner of the street or the family birds which song’s could be heard two blocks ahead from where they were. The two boys loved listening to Emma’s stories. They didn’t even get bothered when she told them about the young candy seller who was followed by an old spirit who used to live in a haunted house near their school for the fifth time that month. It didn’t matter how many times Emma would tell them so, they would always get scared about it.

However, Emma was not used to repeating the same story; she knew every corner of that school route had a new story worth telling. After a while she realized that those story moments were not only to encourage her little brothers to go to school anymore, they were a way to encourage herself too.


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by Isabella Moimaz

Photo credit: Isabella Moimaz