Books, English and Friends!

We're going to try something new this week!  You won't see a blog post from me!  The last part in the series on using a reading journal to bring your English to life will be out next week. 

This week, I'm asking you to put all of these ideas into action.

I'm asking you to try out thinking before you speak.  It's easy just:

  1. Download this week's worksheet with writing prompts.
  2. Write freely about them in your journal. 
  3. Join the discussion on Skype this Wednesday, June 21st at 6 PM UTC and see how your ideas flow when you think before you speak.


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Interested in joining the conversation?  Send me an email to or stop by the Vagabond English Book Club. And let me know you'll be joining us.

Happy Reading!  You'll see your regularly scheduled blog post on being creative with your Reading Journal next week.