Special Edition--Curl up with a great...film. An interview with Cara Leopold

After a long week, there's nothing better than putting on a pair of fuzzy socks and diving into a comfortable couch with a great book.  But you know what's not far behind?  

Diving into the couch knowing that, tonight, a great film awaits you! 

Because there's a certain magic in films (and series).  Maybe it's a magic not too far off from books.  

  • First of all, there's the chance to see a great book in another light when it gets made into a great movie. 
  • Then there's the fact that films are like single serving adventures.  You get the whole story, condensed down into one sitting.  (Well, sure you can read a book in a single sitting, but it takes just a bit longer!) 
  • If you're a writer you can get some unexpected inspiration from films and series (the good and the bad...) 
  • And if you're passionate about languages and cultures? Learning while you explore the creative expression of people around the world? Well, films, like books, are a beautiful way of joining in the fun.

Today at the blog, we'll focus on one exciting area of the film, language odyssey: watching (and understanding) films without subtitles. For non-native speakers of English.

For any of us who dream of ditching the subtitles in one of our languages!

Cara Leopold interview.png

A movie chat...for subtitle freedom.

I'm really excited to have had the chance to talk to listening expert, Cara Leopold, about ways you can enjoy films subtitle free when they're not in your first language. 

The unexpected...

I have to say, I've been a teacher for more than 15 years,  and I love watching foreign films in the languages I speak. 

And I've watched my husband use TV and films to learn to finally understand conversations when we lived in the States...and then become subtitle free the slow way (15 years later!)

So, you know, I thought I knew some things about this topic.

But Cara surprised me. Maybe she'll surprise you too.

Maybe it's time to grab your popcorn and watch!

Here's how you can connect with Cara if you're interested in films, series and going subtitle free:


Hey, I’m Cara and I help advanced English learners who love TV and cinema fall back in love with their favourite films and series by getting subtitle free.


Check out Cara’s website here: Leo Listening

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Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash